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NAMM 2015! Quite a synthtastical year…Moog, Sequential Circuits, Korg, Elektron, Arturia, Oberheim…..whew.

We spent only one day at NAMM this year due to work, and there was a TON of great stuff we were chomping at the bit to see. I pretty much made direct line through the wild hoards of guitar wilderness (stringed instruments? HELP!), finally to the safety of the “synth zone”! There, Rosser from…Continue Reading

The Swarmatron Cometh..

One more bit from NAMM 2013! I had the pleasure of meeting one of the lovely men behind the Dewanatron, Leon Dewan. Here I am having a play on the beautiful creature that sprung to popularity thanks to Trent Reznor’s use of it in The Social Network, The Swarmatron. What a treat! Loved it. Trent…Continue Reading