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ultravox 2k2 + taramps 10.9 ((saveiro g5 )) by prime sound car nosso canal mais de 300 videos

4 ultravox 2k2 1 taramps10.9 1 crossover taramps 1 taramps400.4 6 baterias de 2v 350 amperes cadas ligadas em serie conheça nossa loja 41 33735653 curta noss… Video Rating: 5 / 5

sound demo 2 moog modular V only

Cubase& moog modular V only.

iPAD REBIRTH RB338 Synth and Drum Machine PART 101 The Jam WHAT IS THIS SOUND

WHAT IS THIS SOUND? Watch and listen to find out. At Last Rebirth RB338 is available for your iPAD!

Arturia MiniBrute Synthesizer Demo – Sweetwater Sound

Sweetwater’s Daniel Fisher demos the new Arturia MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer with a thorough walkthrough of its parameters and features. You can control it … Video Rating: 4 / 5

Intro to Synthesis Part 1 – The Building Blocks of Sound & Synthesis Details & All Parts:

Raymond Scott techno w/Cyclebox + Sound of Shadows

Hi my name is Solvent and this is my 3rd Eurorack modular system video. Today I’ve made some Raymond Scott techno, with the help of my newly arrived Cylonix Cyclebox and Flight of Harmony Sound of Shadows. I haven’t really got a clue how to use the Cylonix yet, but I thought this sounded good,…Continue Reading


Delia Derbyshire carried out pioneering work for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in the early 1960s, producing the familiar Doctor Who signature tune, Though brilliant, the Doctor Who theme is just one small example of her genius which was held in high esteem by figures across music, television, theatre and film Delia never really received the…Continue Reading