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OUT NOW! The Silence soundtrack by I SPEAK MACHINE on Lex Records!

Hooray! Today marks the digital release of our soundtrack to our short film, THE SILENCE. Shot in 2011 in Cardiff, UK, this film was made possible by partial funding by the Welsh Arts Council and the infinite patience of our cast (Gareth Milton) and crew. Here it is on iTunes. VINYL PREORDER HERE. Maf &…Continue Reading

Obeheim & Arturia treats and the “Belly of the Beast”.

Greetings from Wales! In our 8th week of our visit, thus far has been quite an interesting ride! The sun seems to be less shy these days, and I have been deeply embedded in a remix for one of my favorite artists. I am fortunate enough to have an OB-8 & OSCar on loan from…Continue Reading

Modular Master Classes by Benge & Daniel Miller…lush stuff.

We’ve been in the UK working for the past few weeks, and aside from record amounts of rain and (sample worthy) howling winds, I am having a moment of down time. A friend just sent me these wonderful master classes by Mute boss & electronic music icon Daniel Miller. AND another clip by Benge, who…Continue Reading

Machines to Come..And Gil Melle overload.

Hello all and a hopeful happy spring to you. As we venture May-ward, it’s been mayhem here in our household, as always. In addition to the upcoming release of the Exponentialism EP, the I Speak machine project is in full swing, getting wilder by the moment. In the moments I’m not working & don;t need…Continue Reading

Oberheim OB-X Analog Synthesizer “Memories”

(c) 2011 by RetroSound “Memories” all sounds self programmed: Oberheim OB-X 8-Voice Analog Synthesizer from the year 1979 recording: multi-trak The sound of … Video Rating: 4 / 5

Oberheim FVS-1 Four Voice Vintage Analog Synthesizer Overview

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