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IT’S ALIVE! Moog Brings Back the Beloved Modular Systems.

Last night, we had the pleasure of attending the pre-NAMM Moog party in LA at Kingsize Soundlabs in Eagle Rock. And just what did we see awaiting us in the back control room amongst crowds of excited humans? The spectacular System 55, System 35 & Model 15. Oh sweet jesus. Maf took some lovely shots:…Continue Reading

New Video: Tara Demos the Stylophone 2 at NAMM 2013!

Well hello all! Yesterday I had the pleasure of demoing the sweet-and-narly machine that is a pleasure to play, the Stylophone 2. Nerves aside, I must admit it was good fun to do to this (it’s a super short demo; blink & you’ll miss it) in front of the press & a bunch of cameras…really….Continue Reading