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TONIGHT! I Speak Machine at Charlotte NC’s Neighborhood Theater with Bob Moog Foundation!

Well well! We made it safely to the east coast, and have set up shop in my best friend’s apartment in Plaza Midwood ( Charlotte people will know where I mean?). Whew. It’s been a pretty wild year professionally and personally; will indeed say that gigging with vintage analogues is something that has…well, possibly either…Continue Reading

Download my ‘Dirty Soul’!

I just remembered, I mentioned on Twitter that I would go into a wee bit of detail about how I made this song. I’m always forever & ever interested in how we all create, so hopefully you’ll find this fun. Well, it’s nothing crazily complex, but it is my own special brew (honestly, nothing I…Continue Reading

moogerfooger ring modulator demo – guitar gear 1

quick demo (considering all the features) of the ring modulator from moog. please feel free to ask questions and i’ll do my best to give answers. thanks for … Video Rating: 4 / 5

MOOG MuRF MF-105 Moogerfooger and Strymon Timeline Delay

Guitar Effects Pedal Demo – MOOG MuRF MF-105 Moogerfooger and Strymon Timeline Delay

Moogerfooger Cluster Flux Chorus-Flanger – Demo by Just Nick for Rock n Roll Vintage

About as high quality and powerful an analog flanger/chorus as exists. Not just built but DESIGNED, like all Moog products, with music making and music makers in mind. Video Rating: 5 / 5

Tara Busch to Support John Foxx & The Maths on UK ‘Interplay’ Tour! Plus a Few Studio Bleepy Bloops…

Wonderful news, yes! As you may have read a hint of previously, I will be accompanying John Foxx & The Maths on their UK Interplay tour in October! Here’s the rather sweet poster from John’s blog…are you anywhere near these cities?? Come see us! I also wanted to add a few more really juicy clips…Continue Reading