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Machines to Come..And Gil Melle overload.

Hello all and a hopeful happy spring to you. As we venture May-ward, it’s been mayhem here in our household, as always. In addition to the upcoming release of the Exponentialism EP, the I Speak machine project is in full swing, getting wilder by the moment. In the moments I’m not working & don;t need…Continue Reading

I Speak Machine: Mosquitos and Subs..

Good evening….Quickly sharing with you a few thoughts before bedtime…I was having a bit of fun with my new Sub Phatty today ( you will likely see a video next week), heartwarmed by the fact that this girl is serial number 9, no less… And a new photo from I Speak Machine’s first shoot. We…Continue Reading

Hugo Montenegro – Moog Power

Hugo Montenegro – Moog Power.

Phil Cirocco playing a large Moog Modular

Phil Cirocco of CMS Discrete synthesizers testing out the large Moog modular system he built for Vincent Gallo. The monster was assembled using various body … Video Rating: 5 / 5

MOOG MuRF MF-105 Moogerfooger and Strymon Timeline Delay

Guitar Effects Pedal Demo – MOOG MuRF MF-105 Moogerfooger and Strymon Timeline Delay

Introducing the Moog Polyphonic Theremin

Introduced in 1928, the Theremin is one of the earliest and most widely known electronic instruments. Played artists that manipulate invisible energy fields around antennas which control the pitch and volume of the sound, Theremin music has distinguished hit records from such diverse artists as The Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Clara Rockmore and Linkin Park….Continue Reading

The Swarmatron Cometh..

One more bit from NAMM 2013! I had the pleasure of meeting one of the lovely men behind the Dewanatron, Leon Dewan. Here I am having a play on the beautiful creature that sprung to popularity thanks to Trent Reznor’s use of it in The Social Network, The Swarmatron. What a treat! Loved it. Trent…Continue Reading

NAMM 2013 – Korg MS20 Mini & Buchla Electric Music Box. Speechless…

I was perusing Matrixsynth and SonicState last night and am still swooning over this. I really think I need 4 new synths! I’m looking forward to visiting these superstars at NAMM 2013 tomorrow – The Sub Phatty, Prophet 12, MS20 Mini and the stunning, stoic creature that is the Buchla Electric Music Box. Wow. I…Continue Reading

Studio Jam – Moog Voyager, Prophet ’08 & Machinedrum

BEST GEAR DEALS ONLINE – Studio Jam – Moog Voyager, Prophet ’08 & Machinedrum Video Rating: 4 / 5