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Modular Master Classes by Benge & Daniel Miller…lush stuff.

We’ve been in the UK working for the past few weeks, and aside from record amounts of rain and (sample worthy) howling winds, I am having a moment of down time. A friend just sent me these wonderful master classes by Mute boss & electronic music icon Daniel Miller. AND another clip by Benge, who…Continue Reading

Exponentialism EP Winners announced!

Just a quickie, thanks to all of you that entered the Exponentialism EP giveaway! Congrats to Mike Hansen & Samer Shobaki for winning! I’ve also tucked in a sneaky signed copy of my debut album, Pilfershire Lane for ya. Hope you enjoy! In fact, here’s a little flashback from that era. Was good fun….Mike Walter’s…Continue Reading

Sweet Little Giveaway – Win a Signed Copy of the Exponentialism by I Speak Machine & Gazelle Twin!

Greetings! I have a lovely little ‘towards-end-of-summer’ giveaway for you to sink your teeth into – I have 2 signed copies of the freshly-released Exponentialism EP to give away! Signed by myself and Gazelle Twin(obviously). Have a gander at the apparatus below where you can enter in various ways to win! It’ll be SUCH fun,…Continue Reading

Yes! The video for “My Sex” from the Upcoming Exponentialism EP!

As I mentioned, the Exponentialism EP will be released on Metamatic records (John Foxx’s label) on May 10th. We released the video this past weekend, created by Maf Lewis. I’d go more into detail about the making of it, but I want to get Maf on here to tell you. All I can say is,…Continue Reading

Coming Soon – Exponentialism EP with I Speak Machine & Gazelle Twin!

Coming very soon & available now for pre-order is the Exponentialism EP on Metamatic Records! The gorgeous, dark, sinister sorceress that is Gazelle Twin and I have covered 4 Ultravox and John Foxx songs (2 each), including “I Want to Be a Machine” & “Never Let Me Go”. On a personal note, I’m pretty excited…Continue Reading