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In the midst…

Just a quick holding pattern….many things to post & share with you and guess what? I’m in a bit of technical pity as I’ve replaced my laptop and phone and am getting them set up. In the meantime, I hope you all have been having a wonderful bleep bloop of a holiday season. I will…Continue Reading

Exponentialism EP Winners announced!

Just a quickie, thanks to all of you that entered the Exponentialism EP giveaway! Congrats to Mike Hansen & Samer Shobaki for winning! I’ve also tucked in a sneaky signed copy of my debut album, Pilfershire Lane for ya. Hope you enjoy! In fact, here’s a little flashback from that era. Was good fun….Mike Walter’s…Continue Reading

Sweet Little Giveaway – Win a Signed Copy of the Exponentialism by I Speak Machine & Gazelle Twin!

Greetings! I have a lovely little ‘towards-end-of-summer’ giveaway for you to sink your teeth into – I have 2 signed copies of the freshly-released Exponentialism EP to give away! Signed by myself and Gazelle Twin(obviously). Have a gander at the apparatus below where you can enter in various ways to win! It’ll be SUCH fun,…Continue Reading

I Speak “Machine-speak”

New reports about the making of I Speak Machine will be coming from this orb to you very soon. Stay tuned…….. Password: shedied