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Arturia Best of Microbrute – with a little spot by me!

Greetings! The sweethearts & masterful machine designers at Arturia have popped my silly face in their latest video, ‘The Best of MicroBrute”! I tweeted this a short while ago, but wanted to pop it on here as well, of course. I shot my portion in my brother in law’s barn here in Wales (where I…Continue Reading

ARP 2600 love with Bob Moog Foundation’s Marc Doty!

I feel a bit nostalgic for the times I used to post every day on this blog – and Mr. Doty’s videos do make me want to post more ‘religiously’. I keep up with his awesome synth tutorials (well, they’re really too good to be categorized as “tutorials”, but my vocabulary is limp today) and…Continue Reading