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Currently? Attempting to Speak Machine…..

I’m redoing most of the music from I Speak Machine at the moment….and Maf thought it would be a good idea to sneak into the studio and film a few hatchlings. The lesson? At least change out of the yoga clothes… UPDATE: Now the attempt to Speak Oberheim…Maf got me again…

Yes! The video for “My Sex” from the Upcoming Exponentialism EP!

As I mentioned, the Exponentialism EP will be released on Metamatic records (John Foxx’s label) on May 10th. We released the video this past weekend, created by Maf Lewis. I’d go more into detail about the making of it, but I want to get Maf on here to tell you. All I can say is,…Continue Reading

Analogue Solutions Telemetry (Mini Vostok) Analogue Synthesizer

Here’s a look at the Analogue Solutions Telemetry (mini vostok) synthesizer. This video features various sound types from the Telemetry synthesizer, each within a musical context (beats added). All synthesizer sounds come from the Telemetry and all of the sounds were tweaked live in the video, and recorded direct. Given the vast open-ended nature…Continue Reading