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Machines on the road…greetings from Leipzig!

Amidst the green green grass, cool breezes & clouds of the Brecon Beacons…. Well. I just feel the need to document this blur of a mini tour we’ve had the pleasure of playing over the past few weeks; would be a shame to let my thoughts drain into the shimmering european clouds that hang above…Continue Reading

Arturia Minilab Giveaway from Produce Like a Pro! You know you want some…

Greetings! On this unseasonably hot Los Angeles morning, I have a rather juicy giveaway for you from our friends at Arturia and Warren Huart at Produce Like a Pro. A small sideline – I first met Warren when I was mixing my album Pilfershire Lane at Swinghouse Studios many moons ago in 2007! They had…Continue Reading

Ruby’s Exquisite New Album Release “Waiting for Light” is coming!

From Silverfish to Pigface to the fabulous

NAMM 2014 – First look the Moog Sub 37!

At the last minute, Maf & I were called to the UK for a bit o’ business…amidst a portable studio, a big chunk of Welsh countryside and beautifully moody weather: …hence our absence from NAMM 2014. So, I’ll do my best to stay updated with it from afar, posting the the most swoonful new creations…Continue Reading

Exponentialism EP Winners announced!

Just a quickie, thanks to all of you that entered the Exponentialism EP giveaway! Congrats to Mike Hansen & Samer Shobaki for winning! I’ve also tucked in a sneaky signed copy of my debut album, Pilfershire Lane for ya. Hope you enjoy! In fact, here’s a little flashback from that era. Was good fun….Mike Walter’s…Continue Reading

The Swarmatron Cometh..

One more bit from NAMM 2013! I had the pleasure of meeting one of the lovely men behind the Dewanatron, Leon Dewan. Here I am having a play on the beautiful creature that sprung to popularity thanks to Trent Reznor’s use of it in The Social Network, The Swarmatron. What a treat! Loved it. Trent…Continue Reading