Analog Suicide

Behind the world of I SPEAK MACHINE with Tara Busch & Maf Lewis



Maf Lewis has a multi media creative background in design, music and film. He graduated with a BA (Hons) 1st Class at Exeter School of the Arts and Design in 1992 then founded Plastic Ray Gun Records which was responsible for breaking new genres of electronic music in the 90's using the internet. He later moved to Los Angeles and invented internet strategies for various agencies that pioneered viral marketing for brands and film. Maf is the recipient of multiple national and international creative awards in advertising, film and music. He is currently working with the British Arts Council directing his first feature film series and he partners with his wife, musician, writer and producer Tara Busch in many avant-garde cinematic and musical endeavors.

Tara Busch is an American producer/ musician/ remixer and score composer. She is influenced by the rich, complex harmonies of Brian Wilson, the spellbinding sounds of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop diva, Delia Derbyshire and the innovations and futurist attitude of electronic music pioneer, Bob Moog.

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