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Ruby’s Exquisite New Album Release “Waiting for Light” is coming!

From Silverfish to Pigface to the fabulous

Obeheim & Arturia treats and the “Belly of the Beast”.

Greetings from Wales! In our 8th week of our visit, thus far has been quite an interesting ride! The sun seems to be less shy these days, and I have been deeply embedded in a remix for one of my favorite artists. I am fortunate enough to have an OB-8 & OSCar on loan from…Continue Reading

Modular Master Classes by Benge & Daniel Miller…lush stuff.

We’ve been in the UK working for the past few weeks, and aside from record amounts of rain and (sample worthy) howling winds, I am having a moment of down time. A friend just sent me these wonderful master classes by Mute boss & electronic music icon Daniel Miller. AND another clip by Benge, who…Continue Reading

NAMM 2014 – Korg, Moog, Elektron on the wish lists…

Damn. This is surely NOT the year to be pulled away from NAMM – quite the plethora of fabulousness happening! We must mention the lovely new Moog Theremini, something quite Kubrickesque in design with many interesting, intriguing new features…purists might kick & scream (fuck’em) but I think the new features are very cool and may…Continue Reading

NAMM 2014 – First look the Moog Sub 37!

At the last minute, Maf & I were called to the UK for a bit o’ business…amidst a portable studio, a big chunk of Welsh countryside and beautifully moody weather: …hence our absence from NAMM 2014. So, I’ll do my best to stay updated with it from afar, posting the the most swoonful new creations…Continue Reading

Poly-wonderful…Arturia’s Prophet V & Korg’s MonoPoly (Legacy Collection).

Greetings for 2014! I’m just on the verge of dismantling my studio for a long trip to the UK, and on the tail end of finishing my first project for 2014 (I will reveal more but it’s currently secret)…And of course to play a few shows of The Silence! My favorite synth is still my…Continue Reading

New Song: “Death She Said” feat. Clint Mansell – A bit about it.

Good afternoon & happy celebrative time of year to you all! I am spending mine in LA, a bit bummed by the hot weather we’re STILL having, but I suppose it could be worse. A good day to avoid sunlight and camp out in the studio, yes. Anyway, been working on finishing The Silence soundtrack…Continue Reading

Synthing Season…

I’ve had my head down for the past few weeks, working on The Silence OST, and just noticed today how unbelievable fast this year has spun by…a big wild carousel, it’s been. Almost time for the NAMM show already, can you believe it? Before a make a peep today (getting a bit of a late…Continue Reading

Electric Breakfast & a Clue..

And good morning. Yesterday I skipped town, sort of, to the west side and walked up Zuma Beach for an hour 1/2. As I am not remotely a fan of the sun or hot climates (I max out at about 68F) the weather was beautiful – chilly and overcast, the sun winking through occasionally upon…Continue Reading

Mountain Oasis memoirs….behind the past few months and what’s next?

Good afternoon all! So – the first ever showing of mine & Maf’s film “The Silence” went down an absolute storm at Mountain Oasis, much to our delight of course! We deeply thank everyone that turned up to support. I’d like to dig a wee bit into what’s been happening here over the past few…Continue Reading

I Speak Machine Debuts “The Silence” at Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit! The Trailer is here…

We’re excited to share with you the trailer for our new sci fi horror film, The Silence! It is directed, edited and produced by Maf Lewis, DP Andy McCreeth (you’d know his work from too) written by Mark Williams , featuring Gareth Milton and with Matthew Bulgo – music and sound design by me….Continue Reading

The Sound of Silence Cometh..

Good morning! I wanted to quickly update here, just to say I’m hard at work finishing up the score to a film Maf & I created in 2011 ( directed by him, music by me, written by Mark Williams with a grant from the Welsh Arts Concil) called “Science Fiction Pt. 1 “The Silence”. I…Continue Reading

Size worship – Novation & Korg…

I am preparing for the Mountain Oasis show in October, and therefore seeking an Ableton controller to replace the APC 40 – as such, I came across this on CDM blogs today – looks tasty, you think (also flaunting a tempting price point of 99 bucks)? I like the thought of the APC 20, but…Continue Reading

Exponentialism EP Winners announced!

Just a quickie, thanks to all of you that entered the Exponentialism EP giveaway! Congrats to Mike Hansen & Samer Shobaki for winning! I’ve also tucked in a sneaky signed copy of my debut album, Pilfershire Lane for ya. Hope you enjoy! In fact, here’s a little flashback from that era. Was good fun….Mike Walter’s…Continue Reading

Sweet Little Giveaway – Win a Signed Copy of the Exponentialism by I Speak Machine & Gazelle Twin!

Greetings! I have a lovely little ‘towards-end-of-summer’ giveaway for you to sink your teeth into – I have 2 signed copies of the freshly-released Exponentialism EP to give away! Signed by myself and Gazelle Twin(obviously). Have a gander at the apparatus below where you can enter in various ways to win! It’ll be SUCH fun,…Continue Reading

Wolverine and the Wee Weekend update…

Well hello my dears! We’ve had quite a romp of a weekend submerged in red wine, homemade chili and made-from-scratch gluten free brownies…still recovering! Great fun though. We had a small party at the house Saturday – Maf threw the hammer down and enforced some social behavior out of me (kidding)..once I surrendered & found…Continue Reading

My Mechanical Achillies….

I Speak Machine is moving at an interesting pace this week. I am now basically writing a totally new album with pieces of this involved – password: shedied . I don’t think anything from the work I made last year will appear on this version, which is interesting – it’s as if the previous…Continue Reading

In honor of the beautiful Delia Derbyshire..

On this day in 2001, we lost the beautiful, vivid sorceress that is Delia Derbyshire. Words are useless in expressing her significance and genius, but I can of course say she’s a tremendous influence & inspiration to many, obviously including myself. Please feel free to share any links, videos, books, photos – whatever you like…Continue Reading

Fresh From the East..

Greetings all! Just returned from a long-ish stint at my parent’s house in the semi-remote country in North Carolina. Drenched in rural glory, cornfields, bullfrogs, fireflies and “cow moo-tels”, it was a good pause from the compression that living in LA can bring, and I got to visit my (rather enormous) family. I also managed…Continue Reading

I Speak “Machine-speak”

New reports about the making of I Speak Machine will be coming from this orb to you very soon. Stay tuned…….. Password: shedied